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Aircap El Small Bubble Wrap 750mm X 1m - Order by the Metre


Order By The Metre

For x 1 Purchased, you will receive 750mm wide by 1m long of bubble wrap.

Additional purchases at the same time will be added on to the length (i.e If you order x5 you will receive 5m. If you would prefer 5 individual sheets of 1m each then please let us know)

The width always remains the same at 750mm (75cm)

AirCap® Barrier Sealed Bubble Packaging protects your products from the hazards of the shipping environment. AirCap® bubble employs a 'barrier layer' which retains air, providing superior, longer lasting protection for your products. Environmentally friendly, reusable and recyclable.

Key Features
Longer lasting protection - AirCap® maintains consistent cushioning during storage and transit. Reduced costs, lightweight and less material is required. Quality Assurance - AirCap® is manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 guaranteeing high standards of production and quality.

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